On a sunny day in July Lauren and Bjorn travelled to the Isle of Skye for a Talisker elopement. It was their first time on the Isle of Skye, and Bjorn's first time in Scotland. Lauren and Bjorn wanted a relaxed day and they specified that they really wanted to get married at a beach, as going to the beach was a big part of their lives back home in Wales.

bride and groom on Talisker beach

They chose Talisker Beach which is perfect for an Isle of Skye elopement with its black sand, stunning waterfall and rock formations. It reminds us of Iceland. We met them early in the morning at their accommodation at Seillean Trang cabin, where they opened some gifts from family and friends back at home. Lauren did her own hair and makeup and then they got dressed separately, before having a first look outside the cabin, with the mountains of mainland Scotland in the distance.

Opening presents on elopement day
Bride putting on makeup
Seilan trang cabin isle of skye
chickens are elopement
Bee hives elopement
Talisker whisky
Talisker whisky
wedding dress isle of skye
bride doing makeup
bride seilan trang cabin skye
bride putting on shoes
groom reading letter
first look at elopement
first look isle of skye elopement
first look
eloping couple isle of skye


We drove down to Talisker where we met Francesca, a humanist celebrant based here on the Isle of Skye. It takes around 30 minutes to walk from the small parking area, down a track through farmland to reach the beach. When we arrived the sun was shining and we found a spot for ourselves on the beach. Lauren surprised us by immediately wading into the sea in her dress even before the ceremony had begun. We loved both of their absolute love for the sea, and the joy that shared during the whole day.

eloping couple walking to talisker bay
eloping couple walking to talkiske beach
isle of skye eloping couple walking
Talisker beach wedding

Lauren and Bjorn chose to have a sand ceremony, as well as reading personal vows, exchanging rings and drinking whisky from a quaich. The quaich is a two-handled vessel that is an ancient Scottish tradition that seals together two people in friendship and love.

bride and grooms feet on black sand beach
bride and groom on Talisker beach

During the ceremony, we kept retreating up the beach as the tide lapped our feet. It was the perfect ceremony, and both Lauren and Bjorn were filled with the emotion of finally being able to get married after covid had delayed their original plans.

Elopement couple of Talisker beach Skye
quaich and whisky
wedding ceremony at Talisker beach, isle of skye
wedding ceremony at Talisker beach, isle of skye
wedding ceremony at Talisker beach, isle of skye
sand ceremony isle of skye
sand ceremony isle of skye
groom reading vows isle of skye elopement
talisker beach elopement couple
drinking from the quiach
drinking from the quiach
Eloping couple Talisker bay beach, Isle of Skye
Talisker beach wedding kiss
Talisker Isle of Skye wedding

After the ceremony, they had a relaxed picnic on the beach before heading back to their cabin for a couple of hours of downtime.

talisker beach wedding picnic
talisker beach wedding picnic
Just married isle of skye


In the evening we met up again, and Lauren had changed into her second dress of the day, which we think is an amazing idea. We drove to the north of the Sleat peninsula on Skye and walked over to the ruins of Dunscaith castle. This is one of our favourite spots on the island. It rarely has any people and gets amazing views of the Cuillin mountain range across the water. We watched the sunset together, drank champagne and explored the ruins of the castle.

Duncaith castle path isle of skye
elopement couple walking to dunscaith castle
elopement couple walking to dunscaith castle
elopement couple dunscaith castle isle of skye
elopement couple dunscaith castle isle of skye
elopement couple dunscaith castle isle of skye
elopement couple dunscaith castle isle of skye sunset
elopement couple dunscaith castle isle of skye
bride taking photo of groom on polaroid isle of skye
Dunscaith castle Isle of Skye elopement
champagne spray at Dunscaith castle elopement
champagne at Dunscaith castle elopement
eloping couple cuillin mountains
eloping couple lying on ground isle of skye

Oli got the drone in the air and captured some shots of Lauren and Bjorn from the sky which really added to the variety of the photos. We always use our drone on elopements if the weather allows, as it can really show the scale of the landscape on Skye, and some of our couples favourite shots come from the drone.

eloping couple by drone dunscaith castle, isle of skye
eloping couple by drone dunscaith castle, isle of skye
eloping couple by drone dunscaith castle, isle of skye
sunset eloping couple by drone dunscaith castle, isle of skye

Lauren and Bjorn were such an amazing couple to work with, we felt like we'd known them for ages as soon as we met. It's so important to get on well with your elopement photographers, as you are spending the entire day only with them. Being a husband and wife ourselves, it's much easier for couples to relax with us, as it feels like you're just hanging out with another couple who eloped themselves. By the end of their Talisker Beach elopement day, we felt like friends, and they came over to visit ou home the next day. We're looking forward to meeting their pup Jack, the next time they are up on Skye to visit us.

Oli and Steph photography with eloping couple isle of skye


HOLY SHIT! The photos are just incredible, it was so wonderful to relive our day through the photos you guys captured. They are everything we wanted and so much more. Thank you both so bloody much. We are so happy with them. We cannot wait to get back to Skye and come visit you. We meant it when we said we’ve made friends for life!

If you're interested in an Isle of Skye elopement, then have a look at our Isle of Skye elopement packages, and get in touch. We're Oli and Steph Prince, we met in the Antarctic, eloped in Hawaii and now work as Isle of Skye elopement photographers. We live in the north of Skye with our two crazy rescue pups.

Oli and Steph Prince


Photography - Oli and Steph Photography

Celebrant - Francesca the humanist celebrant

Accommodation - Seillean Trang cabin

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