Scotland Post-Wedding Photo Session

Do you dream of having wedding photos in an epic landscape, but you’re already married, and the place you got married just wasn’t epic? Was your wedding day so busy that you barely got to spend any time with your partner, let alone get the amazing photos that you dreamed of? Or even if you did get the epic photos at your venue, do you want even more photos in a stunning landscape? If you’re saying yes to these questions, you should consider a Scotland post-wedding photo session!

Imagine coming on vacation to Scotland and getting some epic wedding photos while you are here. Packing your wedding outfits and travelling to the Isle of Skye for your post-wedding photos is becoming more and more popular, and we LOVE taking couples on an adventure and creating artwork that you can put all over your walls.

Doug and Celeste travelled all the way from Ohio for their Isle of Skye post-wedding photo session in June. We met up at the Quiraing at 5 am, just after sunrise. There was no one else around, and we had the most beautiful golden light all to ourselves. After exploring the Quiraing we headed to the Fairy Glen and Rha waterfall to make the most of the morning and to ensure that Celeste and Doug got to go on a real adventure, and so that their final gallery had lots of variety.

About the couple

Doug and Celeste met on the move-in day of their freshman year of college when they found themselves living on the same dorm floor and majoring in the same subject. After being friends for a couple of years, they started dating, and five years later, they got married in the quaint chapel of their college.

When they decided to come to Scotland for a post-wedding photo shoot, their goal was to capture the amazing landscape views, combined with the sentimentality of their wedding clothes, and to create photographs they would be able to frame in their house and look back on for years to come.

When they thought of taking photographs in Scotland, they had in mind the open, “green rolling hills” landscape, and so we knew that the Quiraing was the perfect place to start! The Quiraing is in the far north of Skye and is one of the most iconic landscapes we have. It’s just a 25-minute drive from our home, and so we have spent many hours exploring and finding the perfect spots for taking photographs with couples.

Why they chose to have a post-wedding photo session with us here on Skye

We always ask why couples choose to work with us so that we can keep improving our client experience. Here is what Doug and Celeste had to say…

The feeling and emotion behind your photographs drew us initially. You perfectly capture the love shared
amongst your couples, while simultaneously incorporating the mood of the landscape. One doesn’t
overshadow the other they work together so harmoniously in your images, and that’s exactly what we
want! The colors, the landscape, and the emotion behind the photographs are exactly what we’re looking

We love that Doug and Celeste wanted to capture the emotion of the day, as well as the mood of the landscape, as that totally fits our vibe, and the way that we want our couples to experience Skye.

Doug and Celeste’s experience

Rather than having a large wedding reception, my husband and I decided to travel to Scotland for the honeymoon of a lifetime. We wanted to take photographs in our wedding attire while abroad, and through online searching, we stumbled upon Oli and Steph…and my goodness, are we so thankful we did!

First and foremost, we got to work with two amazing photographers who captured our memories BEAUTIFULLY! However, they truly went above and beyond to ensure our experience was flawless. Our outfits got quite wrinkled after being packed in suitcases, so Oli and Steph delivered a steamer to our hotel the night before the session. On the day of the shoot, they met us at 5 AM in order to avoid large crowds at the more popular locations (we got to experience the Quiraing all by ourselves, and it was simply magical!) They also brought coats to keep us warm, pads for us to sit on, and even fed us candies to keep our energy high. After the session, they delivered many GORGEOUS sneak peek photographs in a very timely manner, and we were absolutely wonderstruck when we got to see our entire album!

Their work is simply breathtaking, and they are such friendly, creative, and downright lovely photographers to work with. We are so grateful for Oli and Steph (and are already looking for any excuse to return to the Isle of Skye)! – Doug and Celeste