An Isle of Skye elopement is one of the most popular options for eloping couples coming to Scotland, which is no surprise to us. When we talk to our couples about their elopement day we always recommend planning a full day of events, rather than just a few hours. It’s your one and only wedding day and you want to make the most of it. 

James and Jess travelled up to the Isle of Skye for this elopement shoot and had a full day experience. The Isle of Skye is one of our favourite places to elope in Scotland, as it's rugged, beautiful and like no other place in the UK. It’s easy to feel like you’ve been transported to another realm when standing atop the Quiraing. 

The day started with a morning hike from Sligachan, a small settlement near the Cuillin ridge, the most impressive mountain range on Skye, and where Oli once spent a cold unexpected night up on the ridge, but that’s a story for another time. Jess and James walked out across the moor before stopping to write their vows on the river bank. The Sligachan river is famed for its enchanted waters, which myth has it, if you dunk your head into the water, the river fairies will grant you eternal beauty. We didn’t try it but maybe next time.  

After writing their vows Jess and James continued their walk towards the Cuillin mountains, before heading back to the bridge and to the Sligachan Hotel for lunch. 

After lunch, they headed across the island to their accommodation at the Skye Eyrie, a modern version of a typical Skye cottage high on the hillside overlooking the ocean. After getting ready for their elopement, they had a first look in the gardens of the Skye Eyrie and then headed to the Quiraing for their ceremony. A typical Scottish humanist ceremony has vows like any other wedding, but then it’s up to the couple how they want to structure their ceremony. Jess and James chose a traditional handfasting - literally ‘tying the knot’, they drank whisky from a quaich - a two-handled Celtic ‘loving’ cup, and sprayed champagne everywhere (for a more modern tradition). 

After the ceremony was over they headed to the Old Man of Storr for sunset. It was a 45-minute hike up the hill from the car park, and the sun was setting fast, but we made it to the top to witness the sun setting over the water, and to give time for exploring the Old Man of Storr. 

We hiked back down to the car park in the dark by the moonlight, and Jess and James headed back to the Skye Eyrie to enjoy dinner prepared for them by a private chef. 

Isle of Skye Elopement Suppliers 

Photography: Oli and Steph Photography // Celebrant:  Rona the Humanist Celebrant  // Workshop: Wild Fire Floral Company  // Couple:  Jess and James  // Make-up and Hair: April Sky // Bridalwear: Reclamation Dress Company // Editorial Organiser: Belle Art Photography

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    1. Thank you so much Jaymie. It was an amazing day and an awesome couple to be with.

  1. These are incredibly dreamy! I love that they chose to have photos done before in casual attire to write their vows and hang out before the ceremony, that’s super cool! I also love the hand fastening and whiskey traditions they incorporated. Sounds like such an amazing day!

    1. Thanks Donna. Yes, you can still incorporate traditions when choosing to elope.?

  2. BRB moving to Scotland. These images are dreamy. I am obsessed with the light and the skin tones.

  3. This is beautiful and I LOVE the traditions they incorporated into their big day! So special!

    1. Thanks so much Lauren. Yes, traditions can still play an important part in elopements as they for large weddings, but you can strip them down to the ones you want to enjoy rather than feeling obliges to perform them all to hundreds of guests.

  4. Amazing story! I love it here and we go once a year! Sligachan Hotel is the best with their hundreds of whiskey types on tap!!!

    1. Thank you Amy. Yes, we totally agree, Sligachan Hotel is a great venue and an awesome place to stay.


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