The average couple spends just 20-30 minutes alone together on their wedding day.  But we believe that you deserve to spend all of your time together on your wedding day. This is why we believe elopements are the best way to get married.

Couple running down the road at the Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye


All the thrill of adventure is usually saved for the honeymoon. But what if you could start your married lives as you wish to go on? Not paying to entertain 100 people but instead spending your money on the perfect day for you. With an adventure elopement – you can create a day that’s fun, full of the things you love and is focused on you. Every minute of your experience is intentional – your day, your way. Just the two of you, or with your closest people.

You could choose a lakeside, beach, mountain or even a city park. Somewhere out in the elements, as raw and open as your emotions for each other. Doing what you love best, walking your dogs, sipping cocktails, dancing, hiking, sailing or wild swimming. Whatever makes you happy, the most important thing is that you do you.

Quite simply, it’s a wedding without unnecessary extras, focused on your intimacy and connection. An alternative to a big traditional wedding. An adventure elopement is a day dedicated to you. A celebration of your love for each other and your life ahead together. As photographers and lovers, we know it’s the intimate moments that count. Tender kisses. Walking hand in hand. A loving embrace. But all too often these moments are interrupted by the need to cut the cake, have the first dance or say goodbye to Auntie Brenda…your day dictated by others.

How it works

Engaged couple sitting on tree Fairy Glen on Isle of Skye


Wherever your imagination takes you. Think of a place that’s special to you. Or a place you’ve always wanted to visit. Close your eyes. Feel the sand in your toes and the wind in your hair. Then imagine saying ‘I do’ right there. That’s the beauty of an adventure elopement, the world’s your oyster without boundaries or borders.


Engaged couple Fairy Glen on Isle of Skye


We’ve spent time on every continent and we eloped in Hawaii.  Which makes us the ideal elopement guides and photographers to help you create the day of your dreams.

Not sure where to choose? Start with the scenery – mountains, beach, forest, lakes, city – and leave the rest to us. Have a look at our elopement guide to Scotland and blog.


Wedding couple walking at Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye


If your heart is set on a specific date, this could dictate your location choices. Think about the weather – do you want hot or cold? Rain or shine? If you want the place to yourselves weekdays and off-season is always quieter.



Natural shots,

full of emotions.

what if it rains?

Some of the best photos are actually taken in the rain, bright sunshine and blue skies aren’t as good for photography. Powerful imagery elicits powerful emotions and can enhance your images more than you expect.

We can’t control the weather, but we can embrace it. We make sure we’re prepared for every eventually come rain, snow or tropical climates. Don’t worry about our equipment – it’s weatherproof and we always carry spares.

Double exposure of couple embracing at the Quiraing Isle of Skye

kind words

“Eloping gave us the space to celebrate our love in our own way.”

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