The average couple spends just 20-30 minutes alone together on their wedding day.  But we believe that you deserve to spend all of your time together on your wedding day. This is why we believe elopements are the best way to get married.

What is an adventure elopement?

Quite simply, it’s a wedding without unnecessary extras, focused on your intimacy and connection. An alternative to a big traditional wedding. An adventure elopement is a day dedicated to you. A celebration of your love for each other and your life ahead together. As photographers and lovers, we know it’s the intimate moments that count. Tender kisses. Walking hand in hand. A loving embrace. But all too often these moments are interrupted by the need to cut the cake, have the first dance or say goodbye to Auntie Brenda…your day dictated by others. 

“You can create a day that’s fun, full of the things you love and is focused on you.”

All the thrill of adventure is usually saved for the honeymoon. But what if you could start your married lives as you wish to go on? Not paying to entertain 100 people but instead spending your money on the perfect day for you. With an adventure elopement – you can create a day that’s fun, full of the things you love and is focused on you. Every minute of your experience is intentional – your day, your way. Just the two of you, or with your closest people.

You could choose a lakeside, beach, mountain or even a city park. Somewhere out in the elements, as raw and open as your emotions for each other. Doing what you love best, walking your dogs, sipping cocktails, dancing, hiking, sailing or wild swimming. Whatever makes you happy, the most important thing is that you do you.


Sometimes your day becomes dictated by others. And sometimes the real point of the day becomes diluted. Politics may come into play and tradition may take over. A wedding should be about celebrating the love of two people, not about pleasing others. Your reason to elope will be a personal one, it could be:


You don’t want to conform or feel uncomfortable in a church, stately home or hall


You don’t want to be the centre of attention in front of a large audience


Circumstances have reduced your guest list and you can’t choose between your loved ones and you don’t want to wait

What’s the difference between an adventure elopement and an intimate wedding?

For us it’s simply the number of guests you choose to invite. An intimate wedding is the same as an adventure elopement except up to 20 of your favourite people can join you for part or all of the day. The focus will still be on you both but you can share it with your friends and family as well as special alone time together.

“Eloping means you can rewrite the rules – your day, your way.”

Where can we elope?

Wherever your imagination takes you. Think of a place that’s special to you. Or a place you’ve always wanted to visit. Close your eyes. Feel the sand in your toes and the wind in your hair. Then imagine saying ‘I do’ right there. That’s the beauty of an adventure elopement, the world’s your oyster without boundaries or borders. 

We’ve spent time on every continent and we eloped in Hawaii.  Which makes us the ideal elopement guides and photographers to help you create the day of your dreams.

Not sure where to choose? Start with the scenery – mountains, beach, forest, lakes, city – and leave the rest to us. Have a look at our elopement guide to Scotland and blog.



Oli and Steph what can I say?! We’re so thrilled with the photos. They’re unbelievable, I’m crying.



Oli and Steph were much more than just our photographers. They helped us plan our wedding from the start and gave us everything. It was like having friends plan and share our day, which made us super relaxed having our pictures taken.


When should we elope?

If your heart is set on a specific date, this could dictate your location choices. Think about the weather – do you want hot or cold? Rain or shine? If you want the place to yourselves weekdays and off-season is always quieter.

How will YOU help us plan our wedding?

Think of us as your support team from the start. We’ll be here to hold your hand throughout your whole planning journey from choosing a date to packing your case. If you have a question we’re just at the end of the phone ready to bounce ideas and help you. We can help you: 


choose your location


create bespoke timelines


find suppliers and celebrants


with ideas for writing your vows


with what to wear


as well as photograph the whole of your experience


Some of the best photos are actually taken in the rain, bright sunshine and blue skies aren’t as good for photography. Powerful imagery elicits powerful emotions and can enhance your images more than you expect. We can’t control the weather, but we can embrace it. We make sure we’re prepared for every eventually come rain, snow or tropical climates. Don’t worry about our equipment – it’s weatherproof and we always carry spares.

Your safety is always our priority. Whether on a mountain or in a park we have a Plan B and C in our pocket. If the weather is truly awful then it may be possible to switch days, and we advise all our couples to book three days to ensure we get a good weather window.

I feel anxious about having my photo taken does that matter?

You’re not alone. Almost everyone feels exactly the same. Rest assured we won’t ask you to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable and most of your photos will be unposed and natural. We give you the space to feel as comfortable as possible on your day. And you’ll know us so well by the time your day arrives, it’ll feel like having two friends by your side with you rather than strangers. 

We’ll give you: 


Time to enjoy your day together while we also shoot the landscape and capture the changing scenery of your say


Space so that the camera does the storytelling when it's the right moment.

Natural shots, full of emotions



We love our photographs so much! We usually hate having our picture taken but they made us just be ourselves in front of their camera and we felt so relaxed. If you’re worried about having your pictures taken then pick Oli & Steph, they are so easy to be with.


We would massively recommend Oli and Steph for your wedding photography. They captured our day beautifully and was great to have around as well. They put everyone at ease and it shows in all of the pictures they took! It was an amazing day and they really added to it.


Can we bring our friends and family?

We limit our intimate weddings to 20 guests to keep your day as personal as possible. You may prefer to invite just a couple of guests or keep the day purely to yourselves. If you’d like your closest loved ones with you, they can join you for your ceremony, celebration or whichever part of the day you wish. 

Can we bring our children?

Of course. Your day is about celebrating your love. Sharing your day with your children can be incredibly special, but if you’d rather have your day as just the two of you that’s perfectly fine too.

Can we bring our dogs?

Hell yes! We love pups and having them at elopements. We just need to check they’re legally allowed on location, and it’s safe for them to be there. We know that your pets are part of your family and how important they are. So, if you want them to play a role in your day, we’ll factor in additional planning (including dog treats) to make sure every provision is made for them to be included.

Do we have to hike?

Not at all. This is your day and your adventure. If hiking isn’t for you, we’ll find something that is.  We’re open to any way you want to spend your day, whether on a beach, a boat or city skyline. We’ll find the ideal backgrounds to your day to achieve epic shots without you breaking into a sweat climbing a mountain.

How do I hike in a wedding dress?

There’s no pressure at all to hike in your dress – you can change when you get there. Some people prefer to keep their dress clean for their ceremony and change up the hill.  Others embrace the elements and let their dress get dirty to show that it’s shared the adventure with you. Whatever you decide is fine with us. We can advise on the best styles of dress for an elopement. And if you need us to carry your train over rough terrain, we’ll be there.

“Eloping gave us the space to celebrate our love in our own way.”

Will you help us find somewhere to get married?

We’d love to. When we have our initial call, we’ll have a chat about your interests and get to know you both so that we can suggest some locations that best suit your personalities. And you can trust us – we’re well travelled, having spent time on every continent. We’ll discuss what climates you prefer, the type of landscapes you want for your day as well as the time of year you’re thinking of.

Can we have our official ceremony during the elopement and if so, will you help us get permits?

This will depend on the location you choose as elopement laws vary country to country. In Scotland, for example, you can be officially married quite easily on location. In England this can only be a blessing and your lawful ceremony must still take place in a registry office. Where it’s possible for you to be married on location we can help you find the officiants/celebrants to conduct your service.  However, around 80% of our couples choose to do the official bit back home in a registry office or courthouse. We’ll advise you on your options for the country you wish to elope in.

Do you photograph big weddings?

Nope. We specialise in adventure elopements and intimate weddings. This allows us to capture your day in detail and gives us the time and space to focus on you. If you have your heart set on a big wedding but with a natural, informal style, we’ll be happy to recommend some of our favourite specialist big wedding photographers.