It’s not about us – it’s about YOU and YOUR day.

BUT SINCE YOU’re Here Let’s get to know each other a little.

Hello! We’re Oli and Steph.

And here’s a bit on what excites us, our love story and our elopement.


Our Love Story

We met back in 2015 on an island called South Georgia, near Antarctica. It’s uninhabited with huge 3000 metre mountains rising straight up from the sea and millions of penguins on its beaches. It’s as remote as you can get.  After an 18-hour flight to the Falkland Islands, you still have a five-day voyage to the island. An unlikely place to meet your soulmate. 

Steph was working as a biologist for the British Antarctic Survey studying penguins, and albatross when Oli came to the island working on a conservation project.  We bonded over our love of taking penguin pictures, and hiking in the mountains, and that was it!

Three years later, we got engaged in Hawaii while out hiking and taking photos in an albatross colony (you might notice a bit of a theme developing here with albatross…). The next year we went back to Hawaii to elope, just us and the birds. It was so perfect for us.

Our honeymoon was 8 weeks on a tiny island, Midway Atoll, in the middle of the Pacific.

We volunteered on a project to count albatrosses. And we counted over 650,000 individual nests, swam in the ocean with turtles, and lived the tropical island life.

The next summer we had a big day for friends and family, which inevitably snowballed into a huge event.

So, we have experienced both types of weddings. If we could choose just one it would be our elopement in Hawaii, hands down. 



We believe staying true to yourself and your values is a rule to live by.

So, when it came to getting married, we wanted to do exactly that. As conservationists and wildlife lovers, our lives revolve around travel and adventure so it made perfect sense to us that our wedding should too. We didn’t want our day to be a performance and we certainly didn’t want anything formal or to be the centre of attention. Eloping meant we had a laid-back day in a place that is special to us both – and always will be. 

Eloping gives you the perfect excuse to escape family politics. To have your dream day and enjoy an intimate experience together. And to start as you mean to go on.

As a couple…

Maybe it’s our love of seabirds that sets us apart. That makes us crave adventure and long to spread our wings. Maybe that’s why elopements feel so important to us – they give you the freedom to let your ideas fly. 

We love the natural world and trying to conserve it. That’s why we want to capture your memories, your moments in nature – preserved in time. Our love of the landscape and experience immersed in it guarantees you shots as breath-taking as the adventure itself.

As well as being talented photographers they’re also lovely people who are great to have around.
If you’re thinking of booking Oli and Steph for your wedding… do it! you won’t regret it!

S & N

Oli and Steph work so well together; it was like having some of our best friends by our side throughout our elopement journey”


Steph still works for the RSPB and BirdLife International to save albatrosses from extinction. Oli left his career as a chef to work full time on elopements, but is still involved in conservation photography and projects.

Our conservation photography has been featured online by National Geographic, the BBC, Sky News, the Times and the Guardian amongst others. See more of our work on Instagram.

The great outdoors is our happy place. Between us we’ve spent over two years sleeping under canvas, five years in the Antarctic, and we’ve had our work featured in print in Trail and The Great Outdoors magazine. We’ve also been sponsored by the outdoor brand Terra Nova.


No path is off limits.

No climate’s too harsh and no adventures are too wild. We respect the natural world, and sustainability and Leaving No Trace are core values of our business. We support planting of trees and climate projects to balance our carbon footprint through Ecologi –  to make our business as sustainable as we can.

We’re passionate about making sure your elopement will Leave no Trace and will give you a bespoke guide on how to do this when you book with us.

We are so glad we found Oli and Steph! The whole experience of working with them was a breeze and we absolutely love our wedding photos

J & D

They captured our day so beautifully. They really put everyone at ease and it shows in all of the pictures!”


Steph written by Oli

Steph is so driven and dedicated to improving the natural world. She’s spent years working in conservation. She’s lived in a tent on an island in Alaska monitoring seabirds, spent three years on an Antarctic island hiking through blizzards and waist deep snow to check on penguin nests, and worked with fishermen in South America, Africa and Asia to save the albatross from extinction. Here’s an article about her mission to save seabirds.  

Her passion for pushing on when the odds are stacked against her, are one of the reasons I love her. Steph is amazing at motivating people, she’s always positive, and the kind of person you want by your side. She is a natural leader is fun to be around and has time for everyone.

Steph lives to travel and explore, and is an awesome travel buddy because she has a curiosity about other places and cultures. She’s also super organised, calm and always has a plan A, B and C.

We’ve already had so many adventures together; road tripping around New Zealand, birdwatching in the Gambia, taking bullet trains around Japan, and camping in the snow in the Cairngorms. Steph is forever planning the next trip and I’m always excited to hear her vision for what’s next.

I love that we both have the same interests like exploring the woods with the dogs, swimming in the river in summer, playing board games and cuddling our pups on the sofa. I love sharing my life with her.

She is an awesome photographer, she captures stuff I don’t even think about all the time. Our work complements each other’s so well.

Steph’s favourite elopement location: GLENCOE


Oli is so passionate about photography and constantly improving his work. He loves immersing himself in epic landscapes.  From chasing tornados in the mid-West US, driving through the night across Norway to find the best Northern lights, filming humpback whales in Antarctica with his drone, to living at the South Pole in a tent for 3 months. Mediocrity is never an option for Oli, he goes all in and works his ass off to be the best he can be. His sense of adventure and can-do attitude were some of the things that drew me to him in the first place.

Oli written by Steph


I really admire his self-reliance when in remote places – cooking banging pizzas in a frying pan in the Antarctic and presenting me with a box of home-made chocolate truffles on one of our first dates in a tiny wooden hut next to a glacier.

There’s seriously no one else you’d want as a tent buddy in the middle of nowhere. Oli is such a kind and caring guy – he always makes sure everyone is happy and having the best time.

Having a trained chef as a husband is pretty damn great. The vegan food he cooks us is mind-blowingly good, from Asian to Mexican food to foraged mushrooms on sourdough toast, it’s all delicious.

His time working in London studios for some of the world’s top fashion photographers has given him an eye for creating beautiful portraits. His work takes inspiration from nature coupled with fashion.


Oli’s favourite elopement location: Cairngorms

They helped us through the whole process and took away the stress and anxiety we felt about having our pictures taken, and helped us focus on our day and love for each other. This shows through in our pictures which we couldn’t be happier with.


Steph and Oli made us feel really relaxed and at ease. They couldn’t have been more accommodating. We love all the photos and the ones that our dog joined in too!


Our dogs

We’re a little obsessed with our dogs- okay that may be an understatement- we are totally in love with them.

Luna and Shackleton are both rescue dogs that came into our lives a couple of years ago, and now things revolve around them.

Luna started life as a Romanian street dog, and whilst she’s become a loving family pet she will always be nervous of strangers. She’s half husky (we know she doesn’t look it), and has the resulting husky diva personality which we love. She causes all the trouble in our house and she’s got this weird thing where she loves to be dragged along the ground on walks, it’s pretty amusing.

Shack is a typical border collie. Obsessed with tennis balls and watching tv, he’s an upcoming flyball star, massive softie and lover of cuddles. Seriously, he’s the cuddliest dog we’ve ever met, and we love it.

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The pups favourite elopement location: Isle of Skye